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We Are Your Neighbors: Jeff and Kelly Price, Ottumwa, Local 3289

My wife Kelly and I have one child, Samantha, age 4, and we are expecting a second child in June of this year. We were both born and raised in southeast Iowa and have chosen to remain in this area due to our family ties, friendships we have formed and the quality of life that comes with living in a rural community. I have been a volunteer Reserve Deputy for our local Sheriff’s Office since the mid 1990’s and hold the office of Vice President for our reserve unit. I have also been a volunteer for our local chapter of the American Red Cross. I am a member of Ducks Unlimited. My daughter recently began taking dance classes. In our free time we enjoy spending time with our family and friends camping and boating in Iowa’s state parks and on Iowa’s public waters.

I have been employed by the Judicial District Department of Correctional Services since 1993. My current classification is probation/parole officer II. I have supervised a caseload of offenders on pretrial release, probation and parole. My current duties include interviewing and investigating offenders prior to sentencing in order to provide the Court with pertinent information about the defendant, identify offender needs, their risk to public safety and to make a sentencing recommendation to the Court prior to imposition of judgment and sentence.
My wife Kelly is also an employee of the Judicial District Department of Correctional Services. She began her career in 1999. Her current classification is probation/parole officer III and she supervises a specialized caseload of high risk sex offenders. Her duties include the supervision, monitoring, tracking and treatment of offenders on pretrial release, probation or parole supervision who have been convicted of sex related crimes. She is SOTP I certified by the Iowa Board for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and she conducts weekly treatment groups for sex offenders in our communities to help reduce the risk of further victimization to Iowa’s men, women and children.

The Department’s primary focus is on public safety and we provide offenders an opportunity to change their behaviors through a wide range of evidence based practices. We monitor offenders progress towards rehabilitation and protect the community by implementing the best practices and the level of supervision necessary to protect the public from future criminal acts and to meet the offenders needs ranging from minimum supervision to electronic monitoring, to compliance checks conducted by our uniformed probation/parole officers and, if necessary to residential facility and/or jail and prison placement for violations of supervision conditions or increased risk. Our jobs allow us to take pride in knowing that we are making a difference that protects the members of our communities while affording offenders and opportunity to change their behaviors and become productive, law-abiding members of society.

The wages and benefits that we have earned through bargaining collectively with the State means that our family can also be protected through quality health care and that we can set aside money for our children’s education. It affords us an opportunity to spend money in our communities at local businesses and ensures that we can provide our children with recreational opportunities through family vacations; which we believe makes families closer and allows us to become more active in our children's lives. We are a typical, hard working middle class family. We have spent our entire lives in our community and have a vested interest in its future. We share the same small-town values as our neighbors.

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