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We Are Your Neighbors: The Moermonds, Hartley

I am married to Dan, who is also a state employee. We have two children, Stephanie – 21 and Jacob – 18. Steph is a junior at Buena Vista University, where she is majoring in athletic training and human performance. Jacob is a senior at Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School and will graduate this May. He is planning on attending Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City. He will be studying fire science and paramedic. He currently is a member of the Hartley Ambulance Team and is taking EMT classes at Northwest Community College in Sheldon. I was elected to the HMS School Board and am serving my second term. I recently retired as a 4-H leader after 9 years and am the communication superintendent for the O’Brien County Fair. I have volunteered at the O’Brien County Fair for 15 years. We are members of the United Methodist Church in Hartley. I am also a member of the IEF Club in Hartley where one of our goals is to provide scholarships for our local youth to attend a two year technical school and also provide scholarships for preschool children. We also do several community service oriented projects. I am also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

I am a Judicial Clerk II with the Clay County Clerk of Court’s office. I began working here in 1996. I am able to work in all aspects of the Clerk’s office. My main area is criminal, magistrate and traffic. I also balance the cash drawers and am the magistrate court attendant. With the judicial system looking at a paperless filing system, we will be responsible for assisting the public with filing paperwork and answering their questions as it regards court documents. A definite requirement of this position is to be able to work with the public on a day to day basis and understand that the general public does not always understand the legal issues that may concern them. Understandably, most of the time an individual that comes to our office is not there on a pleasant visit, we must be able to work with angry individuals. Sometimes this is difficult and scary because we do not have a protection barrier, such as protective glass or walls to prevent anyone from coming across our counter.

By having this job, I have been able to put some money aside for my children’s education. I also have been able to spend money in my community for updates to our home and vehicles. I have been able to support our local businesses and not seek “cheaper” services elsewhere. I am able to shop at our local grocery store, hardware store and drugstore, without having to worry about their prices being a little higher and going to the big discount stores to afford prescriptions or other services.

I am married to Val, who is also a state employee. We have two children, Stephanie (21) and Jacob (18). I was a trustee for the Hartley United Methodist Church for two years. While I was a trustee, I wrote a grant to obtain finances to begin a remodeling project to make the restrooms in our church handicap accessible. We received money for our grant and were able to complete the restroom project this summer. I am a member of the Masonic Lodge and a member of the Scottish Rite. I have volunteered at the O’Brien County Fair for the last 15 years. I built display shelves for my daughter’s 4-H club to use during the fair so they didn’t have to carry the cement blocks and boards that were being used by the other clubs.

I am a warehouse/grain dealer examiner. I started in this position in 1988. I audit grain records. Some of these records are computer generated and some are hand documented. I also do a physical examination of the grain inventory. I climb grain bins and walk through the grain, verifying the quality and quantity. When I walk through the grain, I take multiple measurements and manually calculate the volume of grain remaining in each storage facility. I take the documentation and enter it into our grain verification program. The demands of this job are both physical and mental. My department is considered regulatory and entails seeking prosecution of those individuals that do not follow the regulations as listed in the Code Of Iowa. My job also ensures the grain indemnity fund is protected so that the Iowa farmer has monetary coverage in the event of an elevator or grain dealer failure. Due to the most recent budget cuts and early retirement, my job now includes auditing both Iowa Corn Promotion fees and the National Soybean Assessment.

For my family, I have been able to assist my daughter with her college tuition and also plan on assisting my son with his college tuition. Since moving to this community, I have done extensive remodeling to my home, of which all the materials were purchased locally. The labor provided was also by local contractors and construction companies. I have purchased four computers from a local business and have employed his assistance. Because of this job, we have not had to travel to bigger cities to be able to afford the “big box” stores’ business. We have been able to use our local grocery store, drugstore, and hardware store, and not had to travel to a bigger city for these services.

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