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We Are Your Neighbors: Kelly Wallace, Mount Pleasant

I am the Parent Teacher Coordinator for Salem Elementary. My children attend this small school of 130 students in rural southeast Iowa. As the PTA Coordinator I do everything from planning parties, to helping in the classroom, to planning the annual spring carnival. This carnival is generally attended by 85% of the student body with their families and has raised as much as $5000 in one evening. In volunteering for the school for the past 4 years I have written grants and conducted fundraising to raise nearly $30, 000. These funds have all been used to directly benefit the education of the children. Salem Elementary is the only building in our district to have an LCD Projector and Promethium Board in every classroom. I headed up efforts to purchase a lap top computer lab on a rolling cart that is shared among all classes in the building. We have purchased Personal Response systems and interactive reading software for students at all reading levels. Within the month we plan to have a wireless document camera in every classroom of the building. We are also working on an iPod learning lab that we hope to complete this year. I do my best to provide the students at Salem Elementary with technology that public funding cannot otherwise afford.

I am an Audiometrist. I work under the guidance of a School Audiologist. I am responsible for screening hearing in Elementary, Jr/Sr High and Preschools from Keokuk to Wapello and Burlington to West of Mt. Pleasant. My job is to identify children with hearing loss which allows the Audiologist the time needed to focus on the kids who need specialized care due to hearing loss. These students will then have better access to instruction in the classroom which will improve student achievement. Without the hearing screening many children with hearing loss would go undetected and lose an invaluable amount of information given in the classroom. When detected early, the effects of hearing loss are often manageable.

My job allows me to be the mother I desire to be. I have 10 year old twin boys, Jacob and Nathan. My children enjoy a variety of sports; baseball, football, soccer and wrestling. As a family we enjoy to garden, to boat, fishing and playing in the outdoors. My husband works for the State of Iowa at a mental health hospital. His work hours vary and are sometimes unpredictable. My job allows me a work a structured schedule during school hours and days. This is very helpful when fulfilling my job as a mother and the requirements as the PTA Coordinator. As a family we enjoy participating in the annual Relay for Life Celebration, we help our neighbors, look after our families and have an ongoing project to keep the gravel roads in our area free of litter. We enjoy helping others and making Iowa a better place to live.

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