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We Are Your Neighbors: Michelle Reese, Walford, Local 3289


I am married to Eric and we have two great kids, Michelle (23) and Joey (13). Our daughter graduated from Iowa State, is a teacher, and in 2009 we welcomed her husband Ryan to our family. We are all members of the Shueyville United Methodist Church.

Since the flood of 2008, Eric, Joey, and I have fostered dogs for the Animal Welfare Foundation out of Jones County. We have adopted two great dogs and have helped six others find permanent loving homes.

We have recently applied to host a foreign exchange student from Japan through Joey's school.


I supervise adults who have been placed on probation/parole supervision.  My case load consists primarily of sex offenders.  I facility a weekly sex offender treatment group, track offenders using GPS technology, and enforce registry requirements and monitor their compliance.


My job means that I am able to provide for my family, save for my son's college, and secure my own retirement so that I can support my husband and I in our later lives.  I am putting money into our economy in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, I too am a taxpayer.  I support various non-profit organizations by making financial contributions.  My husband and I are firm believers in the "shop locally" movement.

The meaning of my job is far from a "financial only" perspective.  I work with a unique classification of offenders; sex offenders.  I use my job as a means to educate family, friends, neighbors, baseball moms and dads, and the community as a whole as well as the offenders themselves.

I know that in order for the community to sleep safe at night I have to be able to sleep safe at night.  My standards are very high, and at the end of every day I know I've done everything I could do to sleep well.


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