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We Are Your Neighbors: Chris De Harty, Sioux City, Local 212


I have a girlfriend (Trish) who resides with me she has a 17 year old daughter (Heather) and a 5 year old son (Zach) and I have a 13 year old son (Tyler) and a 2 year old daughter (Zoey). Heather plays basketball and softball and soon will attending college at UNI and Zach plays soccer, t-ball and basketball. Tyler is into computers and mows yard in the summer with his grandfather. Zoey is in her terrible twos and no explanation need for that. Trish works for a local company in Sioux City. I help run security as a part-time job, at events such as Saturday in the Park and Biker Nights on historic 4th street. I also do side jobs such as landscaping and restoration work with a friend who owns his own company.

I am a Utility worker. It is different day in and day out. I fix water main breaks; install valves, repair fire hydrants and other duties pertaining to water. On the sewer side I clean sewers, repair sewer lines and catch basins. Also clean houses that get flooded with sewage. Do inspections at times of contractor jobs of sewer repairs and construction. Do confine space entry into manholes, and have crawled in sewer lines many times to get animals’ out for Animal control. Work hand in hand with many contractors and other public depts. such as fire, police, county and IDOT. I also plow snow for the street dept. I sit on the labor management committee and deal with lots of meetings at city hall. I basically do it all. I hold a class II water distribution license and a grade II wastewater collection license.

In my job I get to deal with the community a lot and its citizens. By doing all the things I do I know I am doing whatever I can to improve my community and make it a better place to live. My job means I get to meet all kinds of people and making sure that Sioux City is a great place to live. My family knows that by being a public employee that I am doing everything I can do to support them and the community. My father was a public employee with the City of Sioux City Fire Dept. and many of my friends were public employees which got me started in this field.

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