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We Are Your Neighbors: Scott Knudtson, Wheatland, Local 3568

I am married to my wife Angi (who is the sexton at our church, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Wheatland) and we have 4 children, (Brandan, who recently graduated from the United States Marine Corp Basic training in San Diego, CA, MCRD) (Courtni, who is a Sophomore at Calamus/Wheatland High School) (Cassandra who is in 4th Grade at C/W Elementary) & (Emily who is in 1st Grade at C/W Elementary)

On top of my career working for the great state of Iowa, I am Vice-President of the Calamus / Wheatland School Board, a 20 year member of the Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department and a Part-time police officer for the city of DeWitt.

My primary duties are enforcing the state and federal rules and laws that govern commercial vehicle that travel through and within the state of Iowa. This could include a pickup and trailer all the way up to vehicle that weighs over 1 million pounds.

We enforce the weight limits of commercial vehicles on our city, state and interstate roadways to protect the infustructure of our state. We enforce the federal codes that govern markings, tires, brakes, structure of the vehicle, hazardous materials being carried, and hours of service for the drivers of the commercial vehicles.
It is so important for these to be enforced fair and impartially because these vehicles are meeting yours and my families everyday throughout Iowa. To replace our roadways because of a drivers and or company’s willingness not to comply with these laws is very, very expensive to the tax payers of Iowa. There is no dollar amount that can bring your family or friend back if they were involved with on of these vehicles in a crash.

A few examples of the more serious traffic stops I have dealt with, to name a few, 1) arrested drivers in commercial vehicles wanted for deportation from the United States, 2) driver’s of commercial vehicles for driving a commercial vehicle while impaired, and 3) driver’s for possession of methamphetamine and one with 765 pounds of marijuana, 4) a commercial driver that slept less than 6 hours in a 36 hours period that fell asleep, and killed another innocent driver. One of my co-workers recently confiscated over $2 millions dollars of suspected drug currency. Another co-worker just confiscated 165.50 pounds of very high grade BC bud (very high grade marijuana)

We also will assist any agency for anything should the situation dictate immediate assistance is needed.

Having my employment with the state of Iowa allows me fair wages and benefits. It gives me a retirement that I know I can count on. It allows me to spend money in my local grocery store, my local convienence store and department stores. Which stimulates the local economy.

By removing unfit vehicles and driver’s from the roadways I know I have potentially saved 100’s of lives (possibly some of your family members) in my 15 years of service to the state of Iowa.

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