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Legislative Update: March 20, 2015

Mental Health Institutes and Education Funding
The future of Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant Mental Health Institutes and education funding continue to be major unresolved issues at the Capitol. Please continue to contact your legislators and tell them you support Senate Files 333 and 402 (Mental Health Institutes bills) and that you oppose Iowa House Republicans’ proposed underfunding of Iowa schools.

You can look up your legislators’ contact information here. Please make sure to use personal phones/computers/e-mail accounts and to contact your legislators from non-work locations during non-work hours.

Iowa House Republicans Attack Collective Bargaining
On Tuesday, Iowa House Republicans brought legislation to the floor to attack collective bargaining. The bill (House File 549), as amended, would basically do away with binding arbitration for school district and AEA employees. The bill was a distraction from the real issue: Iowa House Republicans have proposed an education funding plan that will lead to layoffs, larger class sizes, and delays in purchasing needed classroom materials.

After a long debate, House File 549 passed the Iowa House on a 56-41 party line vote on Wednesday.

Thank you to all of the AFSCME members who contacted their Representative about this bill and/or came to the Capitol to show their support for collective bargaining.

Legislative Forums
We strongly urge members to attend their legislators’ forums. We post links to legislative forum calendars on our website. We typically update this page on Wednesday or Thursday of each week.

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