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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get a copy of my contract?
Your field representative has copies of your contract, unless it was recently negotiated, in which case it may still be getting printed. Contact your representative or the council office with your name, address and work location and we'll get a contract out to you.

How do I find a steward?
Stewards are volunteers who work for the public just like you do. Most AFSCME Iowa worksites have a steward on every shift, but some stewards are responsible for more than one work location. If you have asked co-workers and they don't know who the steward is, contact your field representative or the Council 61 office to get that information.

Where can I find my field representative?
Field representatives are listed on this site by the area of the state they cover. If you are unclear which staff person is your field representative, contact the council office and we'll direct you to the right person.

How can I contact my local officers?
Local officers are volunteers who have agreed to help build the union, strengthen their contracts and give workers a greater voice in what happens in Des Moines. They live and work in your community, and do most, if not all, of their union work on their personal time. You can find them at local meetings, held at regular times every month, or by checking your union bulletin board for their work location. If that isn't possible, then contact your field representative or the council office and we'll send you in the right direction.

Why should I join the union when I get the same protection without joining?
The ability of our union to continue to provide representation and good contracts to Iowa workers is directly linked to the financial and activist support we receive from our members. It's basic math, simple politics and just plain good sense to join an organization that works for you. Union members also have more rights than non-members and receive more benefits through their union.

Am I eligible to join AFSCME Iowa?
If you are covered by an AFSCME contract you are eligible to join the union. If you're not sure you're covered by AFSCME, contact the council office with your name, address, job classification and employer. If you would like AFSCME to represent the workers at your worksite, please contact our organizing department for more information.

Won't my employer get angry with me if I join the union?
AFSCME Iowa Council 61 has a long and respectful relationship with most of the employers of workers we represent. There are very few employers who take it personally when workers decide to support the union that represents them. Employers - especially in the public sector - understand that everyone knows there are forces greater than they that determine the wages, hours and working conditions of public employees.

How much are union dues?
Each local sets its own dues structure. For specific info, please contact a Council Staff Representative or or the Council 61 office .

How do I join?
Contact any steward or Union official for assistance. Or, you may call the Council Office and assistance and instruction will be given.

Why haven't I received a union newsletter lately?
The AFSCME Iowa Council 61 newsletter goes out to union members three to four times a year. If you haven't received a newsletter in some time, it's possible that we don’t have your current address. Please contact the council office with your information.

Where can I get information about my pension?
General information about IPERS, the law that governs public sector pensions in Iowa, can be found at You can contact IPERS at, (515) 281-0020 or (800) 622-3849. For Board of Regent employees, please go to:

Who do I contact to change my health insurance coverage?
Contact your employer's department of personnel or the human resources.

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