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Ask AFSCME’s Attorney: What types of monetary benefits are available under Worker’s Compensation?

By Mark Hedberg

Healing Period/Temporary Total Disability: Benefits are paid while an employee is wholly unable to work for a time during recovery from the injury or from medical care.

Temporary Partial Disability: Benefits paid to supplement the employee's income while working limited hours or in a lower wage position during a period of recovery.

Permanent Partial or Permanent Total Disability

Permanent Partial Disability - The employee is compensated for extent to which the injury has permanently impaired the function of body and/or the workers’ ability to earn wages.

Permanent Total Disability - The employee's injury has resulted in such a level of permanent impairment that it is unlikely the employee will be able to attain gainful employment again.

Death Benefits - Burial expenses are to be paid according to the state allowance. Additional monetary benefits are based on whether or not the worker has surviving dependents such as a spouse or dependent children.

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